About Us

Our story begins in a humble little neighborhood in Queens, New York.

In the middle of a disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, Samantha Masigan, a Filipina digital designer who had solo-moved to the city with nothing but a dream and a dollar, decided to turn her homesickness into art. Countless weeks of "Business TikTok" education, online courses, pep talks, and finalfinalFINALversion3.psds later, Super Sari-Sari was born. 

A "Sari-Sari Store" in Tagalog directly translates to "neighborhood sundry store", and has been run by gritty, hardworking local entrepreneurs for decades, making it a permanent part of the blueprint of Filipino culture.

Super Sari-Sari is an online platform that exists to bring a slice of home to the Filipino community around the world—those who dared to step out of their comfort zone to fulfill the dreams of their families, and their own. And in true pinoy hospitality, anyone and everyone is welcome here (just make sure to leave your shoes by the door hehe).

This is our story, a thousand miles away from home. We are so excited to share this with you.

Mabuhay! Welcome to your favorite neighborhood sundry store. We love having you here.

Samantha Masigan is a New York based entrepreneur, digital designer and social media specialist. For design inquiries, contact besammiemuchostudios@gmail.com or DM @besammiemuchostudios on Instagram.