Before You Move To New York: What Your Rich Friends Won't Tell You

Super Sari-Sari - Before You Move To New York: What Your Rich Friends Won'T Tell You


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If you want to move to New York City, don't.

Or at least, don't do it unless you read some of my unsolicited advice below.

While I was privileged enough to have the means to fly to the United States because of my citizenship, the process of actually making it work in my favor was long and grueling. As a Filipina with a chronic case of stubbornness, I was very persistent about plunging into independency during my early twenties. It was not enough that I yearned to live alone and fend for myself—I had to do it in one of the most expensive cities in the world. 

2 years and countless messy emotional breakdowns later, I am ready to share what I've learned so far, in the hopes of helping those with similar dreams such as mine.

1. Check Your Privilege

While I love a good spontaneous moment, in a scenario such as migrating from one country to another, it may not be the most propitious idea to do it by impulse. Checking your privilege, quite literally, is the essential first step in deciding whether or not moving to New York City (or anywhere, in general) is ideal. 

Top of mind questions go something like: Are you a citizen? Do you have a working visa? How will you get a working visa? Have you secured a job? Where will you live? How will you eat? How much emergency money do you have? How long can you stay without going hungry and homeless?

If the odds are (mostly) in your favor, proceed to number two.

2. Create A Plan & An Exit Strategy

Having migrated from Manila to New York City was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, and it took years of planning and careful consideration before everything was put into fruition.

List down an achievable set of goals per month. This is crucial in making sure that you set a strong foundation for yourself when you arrive. Be strict about it. I mean, absolutely strict. 

If all else fails, make sure you have a detailed exit strategy you can execute. There is no shame in packing it up and trying again next time. 

Your life is not a movie. Things get hard. Plan ahead.

3. Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed

Unless you were born with all the lucky stars in the universe, nobody has ever gotten what they really wanted in life without asking for it. Network like your life depends on it! In the age of social media, there is literally no excuse for someone to say "I didn't have the means to contact them." Be intentional about your goals and connect with people who can help you reach them.

Sometimes, it could be as easy as talking to the woman next to you at a bar. Really.

Before you land, make sure you have a comprehensive list of people you can get in touch with. In a city such as New York, the value of networking exceeds that of the rarest diamonds in the world.

4. Grit Will Take You Places

Teach yourself how to have a "Whatever It Takes" attitude. Working smart and staying kind will propel you to your dreams faster. It is free to be fearless. Now is the time to be the best and wisest version of yourself.

5. You Will Never Be "Ready"

If the majority of New York's population waited until they were fully ready, the city would not be what it is today. Visualize greatness for yourself. Manifest your dreams into reality. Make a plan, do the work, do what you can, and just leap. 

Good luck!

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