Tropa: A London Afternoon with Artist Lynda Lorraine

super sari-sari - lynda lorraine artist from london united kingdom

Hello, kababayan!

On this very special day, I am thrilled to announce the premiere of Tropa: an original Super Sari-Sari IGTV Series and the heart of the Super Sari-Sari brand,  featuring fearless Filipinos from all over the globe.



On our very first episode, you will meet Lynda Lorraine, an immensely talented Anglo-Filipina artist based in London, in the United Kingdom. I connected with Lynda online via Instagram, and immediately felt the need to have her share her story on our online platform. 



She is one of the kindest, warmest people I've gotten the privilege of knowing through the power of the internet, and I'm excited for all of you to see the sheer talent she shares with those around her.  


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I can’t believe nine weeks has gone so quickly. Thank you to @skyarts and @artistoftheyear for our weekly virtual sittings with a wide range of sitters we wouldn’t normally get the access to paint. The chats, the group painting and social get together have been a wonderful escape during lockdown life. And on an artistic note, to challenge my normal way of working of just letting the painting develop in its own time, I made the decision to self impose a time restriction on myself. To see what I can achieve within the four hour Facebook Live sessions and see how my work would develop with this without going back to re-watch the stream. I’ve learnt so much by doing this and am excited to work on new adventures and projects. Happy painting all! 🙌🏼👩🏼‍🎨🎨 Thank you @skyarts @artistoftheyear @gbehindthescenes and the judgementals @joan.bakewell @katebryan_art @taishanschierenberg kathleen.soriano #lockdown #lockdownlife #lyndalorraine #paotw #portraitartistoctheweek #homestudio #painting #oilpainting #livestream #oilpainting #oilpaints #portraitartist #portrait #portraiture #art #facebooklive #london #virtualsittjng @akramkhancompany @bernardineevaristowriter @rankinarchive @robbierinder @judgerinder @willyoungofficial @noel_fielding @clarebalding @professorgreen @wmarybeard

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You can watch her full story on IGTV here. You can also visit her Instagram @lyndalorraineLynda, thank you for sharing your story with us. 


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